Cilantro Krab Ceviche with green tomato

I came to this recipe because while browsing the seafood counter at our local Safeway, I decided to buy a pound of “Krab” or imitation crab, because it was cheap and looked pretty good. Krab does not actually contain any crab; it’s made from various white fish ground into a paste known as “surimi” and reconstituted into a crablike texture with sugar, starch, oil, color and flavor. I love this stuff. I could just sit and eat it by the handful, but I try to be a little classier, and my husband wanted a real dinner rather than a plateful of krab, so I looked for some recipe ideas, per usual, on pinterest.

credit to

This krab ceviche recipe was perfect since we had almost all the right ingredients! The only thing missing was roma tomatoes, but I had a green heirloom tomato I thought would work well instead.  I chopped up that tomato, half a cucumber, a bunch of cilantro, a thick slice of red onion, all the krab that was left after I devoured a good chunk of it, and squeezed a lime over it. It was really simple to throw together and smelled wonderfully of lime and cilantro right away.

open faced sandwich
ceviche over kale

The hardest part was letting it sit and marinate for an hour before diving in. We didn’t last a whole hour. I served mine over a couple leaves of kale, and for Rich I spread butter and mayo on bread and made a sandwich. Valerie wasn’t into it, unfortunately. This recipe is not toddler approved.

But we loved it!  Fresh, healthy, easy, at-home ceviche! Minus the very expensive high quality seafood. I would definitely make it again.


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